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Peat substrate for conifers and ornamental plants

Designed for planting shrubs and plants that are fond of acidic soils and for replenishing soil with them. It is made according to a special recipe of ecologically clean peat and crushed puddings, supplemented with complex fertilizers with trace elements and trace elements. The substrate is free of microorganisms and pests that can damage plants or humans. Poring, good drinking water and time moisture. Fertilizers are selected specifically for ornamental plants, they are well absorbed within 4 months.

Fraction: medium, large                 Volume: 50 l
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Acidity (pH):

4.3 – 5.2

Humidity (%):

35 – 45%

Water agent (l/m3):

0.2 l/m3

Peat structure:

Sphagnum peat: 79%
Chopped wood
mass: 19.8%

Nutrients (mg/l):

N: 140-190
P: 140-190
K: 200-250
NPK 12-11-18 0.6 kg/m3


Fe, Mn, Cu, B, Zn

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