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Supplier of peat and substrates – modern European enterprise “DURPETA”

The substrate factory “Durpeta” is recognized as one of the most modern factories in the Baltic countries. Modern computer systems of process management and quality control are used in production. The result of the interaction of the company’s specialists and professional manufacturers from all over the world was a database containing a large number of “recipes” for flowers, vegetables, decorative plants, etc. In the production of substrates, only high-quality fertilizers, limestone, clay, sand, perlite, micro- and macroelements are used.

“BIOMIX UKRAINE” LLC represents the Latvian manufacturer Saukas Kudra on the Ukrainian market

The available capacities of the enterprise allow to extract and process up to 500,000 cubic meters. m. This enterprise has in its list of products both peat in the raw state and completely ready substrates for growing vegetables and flowers. The company can supply both milled and various peats and substrates based on these peats, with a fraction according to the customer’s wishes.

We sell peat and peat substrates:

Large packaging

Peat products for professional growers: seedlings of flower and vegetable crops, landscape design, professional berry growers, etc.
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Small packaging

Substrates for home cultivation of houseplants and
balcony flowers, various vegetables and growing seedlings, etc.
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