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“BIOMIX UKRAINE” LLC is the best peat, peat substrates, specialized mixtures on the territory of Ukraine for industrial and home growing of plants.

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Biomix Ukraine LLC is the exclusive representative of the European peat mining and processing company DURPETA, which, in turn, has its own peat deposits and production facilities.

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We sell peat and peat substrates:

Large packaging

Peat products for professional growers: seedlings of flower and vegetable crops, landscape design, professional berry growers, etc.
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Small packaging

Substrates for home cultivation of houseplants and
balcony flowers, various vegetables and growing seedlings, etc.
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The effectiveness of our products has been proven through research.

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Substrate testing

On the basis of our client, we tested the strawberry substrate in comparison with neutral peat and independent fertilizer.

Clarification of the exam

Both plants were planted with seeds on the same day.
The same watering scheme.
They grew up in one place.

The result is in the photo

The specimen on the right in the photo was planted in strawberry substrate from our company, on the left in neutral peat. Feel the difference!

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