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Substrate with perlite for growing strawberries

The substrate is intended for growing strawberries. It is made according to a special recipe from organic peat, which does not contain pests and pathogens. Enriched with trace elements and structural additives that ensure rapid and balanced development of roots, leaves, flower buds and berries. Added: moisture absorption stimulator, limestone powder, root stimulator. Advantages: porous structure of the substrate, absorbs and retains moisture well. Perlite gives the substrate additional structural stability and increases the air content in the root zone.
Fraction: medium          Volume: 70 l, 250 l and Big-Bag format (4 cubic meters).

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Acidity (pH):

5.5 – 6.5


Structure of peat:

White peat: 60% 0-40 mm
Black peat: 30% 0-10 mm
Perlite: 10%

Nutrients (mg/l):

N: 110-160
P: 130-180
K: 150-200
NPK 14-16-18 1.0 kg/m3


Fe, Mn, Ca, B, Zn

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