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Universal Substrate is intended for growing various vegetables‘sprouts and improvement of ground. Substrate is made according to special recipe from eco-friendly peat, enriched with nutritional supp-lements and microelements. Peat fraction 0–20 mm or 0–40 mm (medium).
Fraction: medium, large         Volume: 250 l
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Acidity (pH):

5.5 – 6.5

Humidity (%):

45 – 55%

Water agent (l/m3):

0.2 l/m3 Fiba Zorb

Peat structure:

White peat: 0-20 mm 60%
Black peat: 0-10 mm 40%
Fraction – according to the order

Additional components

Limestone: 5 kg/m3

Nutrients (mg/l):

N: 140-190
P: 160-210
K: 190-240
NPK 14-16-18 1.0 kg/m3


Fe, Mn, Cu, B, Zn…
Bioroot 0.1 kg/m3

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