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PEAT SUBSTRATE universal Еkodurpeta

High-quality peat substrate, is made from neutralized peat, which is certified by State Enterprise “Ekoagros“ (certificate Reg. Nr. 05266TP). Substrate is a certified organic additive’s,which ensure the proper growth of vegetation up to 6 weeks. This peat mixture is ideal product for organic farming development. Substrate fraction is medium.
USE: the substrate should be aerated and additionally moistened before sowing and planting
Fraction: medium          Volume: 50 l
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Acidity (pH):

5.5 – 6.5

Humidity (%):

45% – 55%

Water agent (l/m3):

0.01 l/m3

Peat structure:

Riding (A): 50% 0-10 mm
Lowland (B): 50% 0-10 mm

Additional components:

Limestone: 5 kg/m3
DCM Eko4 fertilizer

Nutrients (mg/l):

N: 160-230
P: 160-230
K: 250-320
NPK 14-16-18 3.0 kg/m3


Fe, Mn, Cu, B, Zn

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